Show Reel




Exploding name title card. Created in Autodesk Maya using particle effects.



All Star Musicals animated graphic background - 'Wouldn't it be Loverly'. Clean stills layered in 3D space in After Effects, with fog and optical flares added. Created for ITV.



Intervention Media logo sting. Created in After Effects using 3D layers and Element 3D plugin, with optical flares added.



A Night for the Emergency Services 2017 titles. Modelled in Cinema 4D then brought into Element 3D in After Effects for texturing, lighting and animating. Created for ITV.



Snowchildren map graphic. Maps drawn in Illustrator then layered in After Effects in 3D space and animated.



Christmas24 neon logo. Created using Illustrator paths to build an Element 3D model, then neon and particle effects added over the top.



Series of parallax shots, created from still photographs. Images were separated and cleaned up in Photoshop, then layered up in After Effects for animating.



All Star Musicals animated graphic background - 'Master of the House'. 3D arches modelled in Maya, and clean stills layered in 3D space in After Effects with fog and particle effects added. Created for ITV.



Dutch Masters painting replacement. Photograph made to look like a painting in Photoshop manually using art brush, then footage tracked in After Effects and painting replaced.



Dutch Masters smoking football. Ball tracked and masked manually in After Effects, then smoke particle effects added.



Music Vignette, created with neon effects layered up over radio pulses, with added 'old tv' effect.



Title sequence for Graham Norton's Good Guest Guide. Book modelled and animated in Cinema 4D, then brought into Element 3D in After Effects to have textures applied that were created in Photoshop. Final camera animations done in After Effects. Created for SO TV.



Bear's Mission With Anthony Joshua title sequence. Scenes built in Illustrator, then layered up and animated in After Effects, where textures were also overlaid.



Mo Farah London underground graffiti. Artwork made in Photoshop then brought into After Effects to be masked manually. Created for BBC Sport.


Music Released by Chillhop Records

Song title: Brock Berrigan – Curtain Calls

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Last updated 07/01/2018